Cruel Seduction

Book 1

The original sin was a cruel seduction meant to take what belonged to another.

That's the game Michael Killian intends to play when he kidnaps my husband and demands my soul in exchange for his freedom.

He wants me as his pawn between silken sheets. An object of revenge.

There's just one thing he should remember. The snake was the devil's pawn too.

And snakes bite...

Private Investigation Duet

Ruthless Embrace

Book 2

She called it a cruel seduction meant to take what belongs to another. I call it taking back what belongs to me.

Because from the start she was mine.

From the moment I saw her photo, she was mine.

When her dark eyes narrowed on me, she was mine.

Even before she gave herself to me, she was mine.

And she always be mine.

Cruel Duet

The Ticket

Book 1

Her husband's affair won her a golden ticket for a night with anyone, but what happens when the man she chooses wants more than her body?

Cris didn't believe in forgiving a cheat, but when her own husband betrays her, she is faced with the hardest decision of her life. Does she stay or does she leave him.
She doesn't know which way to go, but she does know one thing. The only way she will stay is if they can level the playing field. And now armed with a ticket and a tall dark and sexy as hell prospect, she can do just that.

The Red Dress

Book 2

Her husband's affair threatened to tear them apart, but a golden ticket won him another chance. 

Will he do the same for her?

The Other Side

Book 3

Bo was meant to be nothing more than a hall pass, a golden ticket granted because of someone's mistake.

But he doesn't see his affair with Cris as a one time deal. She is meant to be his. And once he gets hold of her, he has no intention of ever letting go.

Private Investigation

Book 1

He came to uncover an affair. What he finds is an obsession he can't let go...

It was an easy case. Gather conclusive evidence that Eva Cage is having an extramarital affair.

Catch her. Confirm her husband’s suspicions.

It should have been simple. But the moment P.I. Matthew Grayson sees her face, simple becomes a four-letter word. It’s a face he hasn't seen since his wife died. 

Her resemblance to his wife calls him to her. The tortured soul he sees through her eyes entraps him. And her sensuality pushes him to the brink of insanity.

Unable to resist, he follows Eva without caring how deep the rabbit hole runs, into the surreal world she creates for him.

It's a place where his deepest desires are fulfilled. A chance to be with his wife one more time. A chance to save her.

But in this world where lies become truths and truths are always lies, nothing is what it seems.

Public Affair

Book 2

Eva’s world has completely collapsed…

She knew this day would come, the day when Matt learned the truth about her life. She was ready to pay the price for her sins. Or so she thought.


Even after so much pain and loss, nothing could prepare her for the devastation losing him would cause. In trying to heal him, she only deepened her own wounds.

But even though her affairs have been made public, he’s not done with his private investigation. As far as he’s concerned, the case will remain open until he completely exposes her. In more ways than one.

The Affair

The Promise

Book 4

Her husband swore to forgive if promised to forget...

When Jessica's husband dies suddenly, her well managed life falls apart. After two years of hardship, she's at the end of her rope.

Just when things couldn't get any worse, Cole stumbles back into her life. He's the one her eyes should never have seen. He's the affair that nearly destroyed her marriage.

Seeing Cole again throws a wrench in her already unhinged world, and the attraction she'd sworn to forget reignites.

But she'd promised her husband never to think of Cole, ever again. Can she keep her promise? Or is the attraction between the two strong enough to break her vow?

Good Mr. King

No one dominates me. Not the supermodels I’ve slept with, not the rich women whose necks I’ve dressed in diamonds.

So imagine my surprise when I get a drunken e-mail from an employee I’ve never met, containing not one, but dozens of erotic stories all starring yours truly. And in every one of them I’m a submissive.

I should let it go, but I can’t. This woman needs to learn, John King gets spanked by no one.

Work Me

Two fierce competitors go head to head for a chance to own a piece of the number one Boot Camp in the nation. It’s a man against woman fight for success, and Cat has no intentions of losing.

A strong woman inside and out, she’ll be damned if she lets this man-child ten years younger take her out of the running. Sure, he might be the sexiest thing on two legs and every woman at the gym wants to do him. Including her. She doesn’t need a man to take care of her. He begs to differ.

Dean is anything but a kid, and he’s more than happy to prove it to the woman he wants even more than winning. But Dean isn’t used to losing, and he’s not going to start now. He will do whatever it takes to win the competition. And her.


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